Fibre Sleeves and Cones
One of the main conditions to be complied with for the obtaining of sound castings, in a foundry, is the correct compensation of the volumetric shrinkage that the alloys undergo in passing from the liquid to the solid state. This compensation is made by placing, in suitable positions inside the mould, some reserves of molten metal (feeder heads), from which the metal flows to the areas of the casting that are solidifying. At the end of solidification, as consequence of a correct feeding, a sound casting is obtained, while the shrinkage concentrates in the feeder heads, which are removed and, norma.1ly, re-melted.
With the purpose of allowing a more economic management of the foundries, PROTECME SPA propose the employ of their PROTISOL sleeves, as auxiliary items for the feeding of castings.
PROTISOL sleeves have a low density and are used to coat feeder heads, in order to reduce the heat losses. The effect of the thermal insulation produces an increase of the effectiveness of feeder heads and the possibility to reduce their dimensions, with obvious advantages.
The use of PROTISOL sleeves involves:
  • Facility of application
  • Increase of the yield of the cast alloy
  • Reduction of fettling costs, and of costs in general
PROTISOL sleeves are supplied in a wide range of forms and dimensions, for different applications.
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