Master Alloys
The DEGASUB® are produced with a 75% and 80% concentration of alloying element.
Two types of materials are available: with flux (a mixture of element pure aluminium and sodium freechemical fluxes). and flux free (FF) (a mixture of element and pure aluminium).
All tablets, except those containing titanium, are self-sinking .

DEGASUB® tablets can be introduced into melting furnaces as well as into holding furnaces.
Skim-off and distribute the necessary quantity orproduct into the melt. Allow the product to dissolve.
Accurately stir the melt to homogenise it and then dross-off.

The employ of DEGASUB® master alloys permits to obtain the following advantages:
  • Facility of use.
  • Reduction of the time necessary for the dissolution, compared to the other types of master alloys.
  • Reduction of the volumes of stored materials.
  • Favourable effect in the case of flux containing products, on the separation of possible oxides
  • and impurities into the dross.
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