Coatings and Lubricants
The obtaining of a good surface finish of sand castings is often linked to the application of suitable coatings on moulds and cores. The principal purpose of the application of these coatings is the insulation of the surfaces in contact with the molten metal, in order to avoid defects that force to repair or, in the worst cases, reject the castings.
PROTECME offers a large range of coatings based on different refractory materials, diluted with water or alcohol, for application with different types of alloys.

The production of castings by the pressure die casting method it is remarkably facilitated by the use of suitable lubricating products. They prevent the molten metal from welding on the mould surface and permit the obtaining of a good surface finish and an easy removal of the castings.
PROTECME supplies a range of products for application on pressure die casting dies and machines.
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