The demands for an ever-growing quality of the castings produced, and for cost reduction, in general, make unavoidable the necessity to obtain high purity alloys, without inclusions.
At the end of the melting process, aluminium and its alloys normally contain solid impurities, of different nature and origin, such as: polluting substances present in the solid charge, oxides formed during melting, refractory particles broken off from furnaces linings, residues of dross, etc.All these impurities, in case are not removed from the melt before casting, form inclusions in the solidified castings, thus reducing the mechanical properties, and causing problems during machining, or in the milling, extrusion, polishing and anodisation processes.
The use of PROFILCER® ceramic foam filters permits to remove the above-mentioned particles and achieve high quality castings.
PROFILCER® filters are produced employing an open cells polyurethane foam, which is coated with a ceramic material based on aluminium oxide. At the end of the manufacturing process an open pores tri-dimensional structure is obtained, which is also characterised by a great surface area per unit volume.
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